Why it's so important to get the music right

Here at Disco Cheshire, we recognise the importance that music plays in the success of the night. In short, it's pretty much everything. We have years of experience of 'reading the room' and creating the right atmosphere so that people can let their hair down and enjoy themselves - so we are more than comfortable in choosing the right kind of music (and playing it in the right order!)

But we also recognise that music is such a personal thing and we are 100% happy to play what ever you want. Again, we are well versed in all music genres, so it's likely that nothing is too much of a reach.

Feel free to forward a playlist of specific songs, that you definitely want us to include - most people tend to supply a list of between 10 and 25 songs - although we really don't mind at all. You may wish to give us a general idea of the kind of music you like, which we can then use as a guide for the rest of the night.

We are also happy to take requests (if that's OK with you) and we have access to virtually every song ever recorded.